is the cellular root-cause of inter-human entropy.
The heat of this reaction is hotter than mercury,
Thermometers lie empty
Evaporated from this heat
Because Love
Is heat. It’s a warmth that burns at exactly 98.6 BTU every moment
Yet this compound is hot enough to burn through a planet
Or as fables go, at the very least, around it.
And My Love
Burns white hot,
her surface glistening
Like porcelain,
And covered in,
My Love
Shines, echoing smiles to the minds of the masses that pass her by
because the only line of latitude she wears is the Tropic of Capricorn
Where the upward angles of her smiles form.
My Love
has formed a symbiotic relationship with those who are lucky enough to bask in her light
Even Pluto, as defined by a moon, still orbits around a sun to differ day from night
And like our solar systems sun she shares all of herself for everyone’s sight
but this is a big universe and only few are granted that right.
My Love
is the progenitor of life,
The heat she gives off can nurture
But it can also expire
But once, and only one time,
A mass of proportionate shape, and size,
will find a gravitational space to reside
and gets to fall in line,
And My Love
Will hold that, a line meant, to create beauty from nothing.
And from that alignment an isolated series of events, creates a molecular, contingency, pattern.
The atomic-level necessity for each other in order to isolate and maintain life and purpose.
This rock was simply matter until you gazed upon it.
Because My Love
Didn’t just maintain this life for this chosen planet, she created it
She found this rock covered with craters and ash as its foundation
and chose to use them as her basin
And she let the water, fill, it, in.
My Love
Is the Beauty in the Eye of the Beholder
Her eyes are filled with that very water
And her hair flows with the rays she emanates,
and I told her.
I told her, I said, I screamed to her
“My Light!”
“You existed before me, and you could live without me, but for me, you are, Life!”
And My Love,
She questioned if I was right, she pointed out that I seemed to make it through the night
And I replied
“No, I set up a mirror to reflect your sight
To keep me safe in the darkest hours with your light.”
I named it Moon.
My Love,
I am a planet among a vastly spanning cosmic sea
You are a sun, the center, that many celestial bodies need
But on an ever-expanded empty canvas
You are the only light in the universe I need.
My Love.

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