Dear Women,

Good morning! I’m going to keep things short and sweet this morning. I hope this Monday morning is as painless as possible for you. Speaking of pain this morning, let’s reflect on friendship. True Friendship. Now I know, you’re thinking, “Ummmm… did he just reference pain with friendship?” Short answer? Yes, yes I did. Long answer? Still yes. But here’s why: A true friend tells you things straight. A true friend cares more about you yourself, your character and your future, than hurting your feelings. Friends who TRULY care about you look out for you, despite yourself. I’ve been seeing a lot (and experiencing myself even!) friends who point things out for your benefit, and those things don’t always feel great. They’re not always negative per se, but they’re true. Take this to heart and cherish it. A best friend will remind you that you’re not broken, that you’re not wrong, and that you’re perfect JUST THE WAY YOU ARE. Even if you feel otherwise. A best friend will also tell you to “let it go” to “get over it” and to “forgive and forget”. Even though it’s not necessarily what you want to hear or think you need at that time. Cherish people in your life like this, they are few and far between, and the reason they’re able to have these conversations with you is because they love you and truly care about you. Although it’s hard, try not to get upset, or emotional about it. Look at WHY they’re telling you this and be grateful that you have someone in your life who isn’t worried about “hurting your feelings” or “Making you feel some kind of way” but instead wants the best for you, just for you because they care about you/love you. We as people have a tendency to excuse ourselves too easily, or to make up reasons why things did or didn’t happen instead of looking in the mirror. If you have a friend who truly functions as that mirror for you, hold on to them and never let them go. The mirror is often clouded, we make excuses not to look at it, and even when we do look at it, we make excuses for what we see or think we see. Sometimes, a great friend, a best friend, or a lover, can be the clarity that we need. Not that we want… but that we truly, in our heart, and for our best interest and character, NEED. Love these people, because they love you. Most notably – Love Yourself. And as always; Much Love, Smile On.

Hopeless Romantics

Thoughts? Response?

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