Dear Women,

HAPPY MONDAY! So todays rant is inspired by recent events (my baby sister got married, and I could not be a more proud brother). This topic is truly about Love. Not just loving people, or how if you’re reading this, that you are loved (and you are…). This is really about finding love. This is applicable to men and women, I’ve just had to deal with it predominantly with women, so that’s to whom I’m addressing this, don’t be offended. First let me say, everyone’s looking for love, and all of us at one point or another have felt unloved, or undeserving, or that we’ll never find “the one.” If you feel this way, you are not alone. I repeat, You. Are NOT. Alone. It’s an awful feeling, and one that is often times undeserved, but nonetheless it is a harsh reality of the world. Second, love isn’t found because you’re looking for it, it’s discovered because you’re doing what you’re supposed to be doing. “Okay, that’s great, but how do I do that??” It’s a really simple theory that’s difficult to put into practice; You have to love yourself. And that means every day, even the bad ones. You need to be able to love who you are, what you stand for, and the person you are beneath the surface of what others assume you to be. Do things every day that you are proud of, that when people ask, “So who is [insert your name here]?” You can respond with a big smile on your face and hold your head up high. No bullshit, no exaggerating, no fluff. Just you. And that should be enough to make you proud of who you are. And if you’re not proud of who you are, you need to be the one to change it. No one is going to come along and do it for you. Nothing so profound is going to happen that forces you to change it. And there is always a tomorrow. So if you’re thinking of starting to do that new thing, or stopping doing that thing you’re not proud of, and you’re thinking, “I’ll start it Tomorrow” or “Monday”… just do it right now. You’ll feel better Tomorrow and next Monday. That being said, everyone has faults. I get that. But are they faults that you’re okay with or simply settling with? People will always be working on themselves, but as a whole, you need to be proud of yourself. And if there are things about you that you’re not proud of, change them!! You are too amazing to settle for anything less than your best. You need it. This world needs it. And more so, you deserve the Love and feelings of satisfaction, pride and accomplishment that comes with it. In your darkest moments, the loneliest of times, and the roughest patches of your life, you are still a bright-shining soul, a beacon of hope, and a person worthy of love, both from yourself and from others. Wake up every day, look yourself in the mirror and remind yourself that you are great. Remind yourself of the things you’re working on and how you’re going to accomplish them. And then remember to tell yourself that today is a good day to love you. Because it is. So you be the first to do it. Others will follow. And not because you were looking for them. It will be because it makes sense. Whether you believe in God, or Fate, or Destiny, know that you are meant to be loved. Love is out there for you. But first, you have to love yourself from within. And you should. You’re amazing.

Hopeless Romantics

Thoughts? Response?

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