Creation is not limited to that which is manifested physically
Reality starts with a thought and only then reaches tangibility
Yet we forget too often the strongest bonds human kind has yielded
Subsists in our soul, it is not something to hold or be wielded.
Time will wear away at anything and everything we make
Yielding only to energy, a force that may change but never break.
Love being the most pure form, it’s bonds form atomic
Many forget that emotions are not just ideals, but reflections of our conscience.
Actual manipulation of matter around us we can’t even perceive
Radiant only to the third-eye of those who choose to believe.
Yesterday is the direction material inventors look to build
Self-expression is the space true originators seek to fill.
With all our knowledge we still fail to see what grants us true power
All of our possessions mean nothing passed our final hour.
New genesis persists from the heart and exists in the mind
Subliminally more real then when simply viewed through one’s eye.
Open yourself to it, leave your heart bare, always emote, remember to care.
Never will we create something more powerful then the sensations we share

Thoughts? Response?

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